"“If you can't fly then run,
Martin Luther King Jr
but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.
if you can't run then walk,
if you can't walk then crawl,


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LAIS  Election

Let us stand, hand in hand, for a strong LAIS


Dear members of the LAIS community,

We (Graziella Hbeika, Elie Nasr, and myself) are pleased to submit our candidacy for the following open positions: Secretary, Treasurer, and President elect of the LAIS.


We are filled of pride in our association as we look back at the achievements from the last three years. We would like to remember some of these achievements with you:


(1) The creation of a democratic academic association (three elections in three years since 2015);

(2) The organization of two conferences (with many lessons learned);

(3) The publication of a large number of articles and paper-in-progress;

(4) The gain of an international recognition (LAIS an Outstanding chapter 2016).

Of course these are only few examples of our association impressive work.

As we look towards the future, with all its challenges and many opportunities, we must be willing to change what must be changed and keep our traditional core values true. Therefore, over the last days, we’ve had with you a series of interviews to inform our plan and we would like to thank those who have taken the time to give thoughtful comments.

For the next three years, we will continue to focus on areas that have distinguished us on the past and we will add new areas to position us for thought leadership, enacting our mission and modeling our values.

Goal 1 Institutionalization, inclusion and diversity

Our first goal is to continue Pr Aoun’s project of institutionalizing the LAIS, to continue Dr Badr’s project of extending the LAIS to new members and new universities, and to continue Pr Osman’s project of bridging the LAIS with other academic associations in Lebanon.

In the space of three years from now, we will introduce new scenarios to attract new members from 42 universities in Lebanon. We want also the LAIS to become a model of commitment for other local associations.

Goal 2 Excellence in research

We heard from you that although we have done great work, we can keep pushing the boundaries to improve the level of our publication. To model excellence, we must all share ideas and contribute to an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. Therefore, our aim is to help each other perform at our highest level.

In the space of three years from now, we want the LAIS to become a center of excellence with high scientific indicators. We also aim to prepare future generations to be the very best so they can shine in publishing breakthrough theories and papers. A new organization of our meetings and a new structure of the LCIS conference will be presented soon.

Goal 3 Strategic international alliances with chapters from region 2

While the LAIS is now internationally recognized, we know we still have far to go in building connection with other LAIS chapters. We only get better at what we do if we continue to connect with the international community and interact with them.

In the space of three years from now, we will develop an new organizational structure that can make the LAIS to become the heart of the MENA-AIS chapter. We will also develop alliances with many AIS chapters from the region 2(MENA-AIS, itAIS, French chapter, etc.). For each of our future meetings, a leader from region 2 will be invited to make a presentation about his chapter and their research.

Goal 4 Values of respect and accountability

The LAIS community was created based on a number of values. But we cannot take it for granted. We cannot stand on the sidelines and just hope that things work out. We need to create a deep sense of belonging to our community. 

In the space of three years from now, we want to inject fresh enthusiasm, apply wholeheartedly our proactive desire to do things, share our story, care for one another, thus stimulating you all to get involved.

We will carry out our long-term commitment to implement a highly enthusiastic approach to encourage inclusion, diversity, and collaboration, to improve our research and academic levels, to develop strategic alliances with other chapters from region 2, and to create a deep sense of belonging to our community, with the main aim of enabling everyone to grow, especially the youngsters.

Each of you, past presidents, presidents, vice presidents, officers, and members can play an important part in helping the LAIS chapter assert its leadership in supporting high-impact research in Lebanon and in the MENA region.

Graziella, Elie, and me are immensely honored to be counted among you all as members of the LAIS community.


Antoine Harfouche